The Library
Don't be quiet unless you want to! 
Creative Writing
 Letters, poetry, essays, & other written things

*The Final Bowspace*Love Chemistryspace*Athens GAspace*Judgementspace*Letter to*My Great Grand Treespace*The Visitspace*Peacespace*Basic Trainingspace*Creative Thoughtsspace* My Hula Hoop Storyspace* Iggi's Placespace* Letter from LittleOnespace*LittleOne's Tributespace*Big Blisterspace

Technical Writing
Tutorials, bug reports, home network insight, etc. from the Mac OSX point of view
DiaryLand  Diaryland is where I keep my blog thing. I write in it pretty often, but also make entries on MySpace, tribe, DotMacInfo, or wherever else I've got something to say link

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