CAMINO/QuickTime .mov redraw bug

Camino is my browser of choice, since the Chimera days!

I encountered this behavior when using Mac OS 10.4.8 & Camino Version 2006120822 (1.1a1+) running on a G4 Aluminum Powerbook with these specs:

  • Machine Name: PowerBook G4 15"
  • Machine Model: PowerBook5,8
  • CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.5)
  • Number Of CPUs: 1
  • CPU Speed: 1.67 GHz
  • L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Bus Speed: 167 MHz
  • Boot ROM Version: 4.9.5f3
  • Quicktime Pro 7.1.3

I just finished a website, MyMarbles, that uses many 10 second duration Quicktime .mov files. These files each contain 3 frames using H263 compression; data rate is less than 25 kbs. File size is less than 40kb each. The set-up of the site is such that one movie is embedded per page, configured to auto-start and loop with no visible controller. Two .mov files never play at once.

The images to the right are screen shots I took of a redraw bug that I was able to predictably create.

Thumbnail images each yield a "close up" page with a click. That page is targetted to open in a separate window. An enlarged still image and a text link to the movie are presented. When the movie link is clicked the movie replaces the still image on that page.

The redraw glitch happens during the movie playback's first loop, often at the last frame or the first frame of the next loop. It doesn't happen all the time, but around 40% of the time. It doesn't happen in any other browser- I test my sites thoroughly!

Reloading the page or switching back and forth to the still image will sometimes make it stop. Other times the movie will loop along with the redraw bug popping up randomly as it goes.

These pictures are what the redraw error always looks like- the frame moves to the lower right.