Letter to B.

What a great person you would be to talk to! Your beautiful little poem speaks What I have known and thought since childhood. I respect all Life.

There is truth and knowledge and beauty in all of existence -

Being alienated or awestruck by happenings has to do with your position in relation to the occurrence.

Attachment affects the relationship to the cosmic pendulum swinging to and fro. Without attachment there's no reward or consequence to the shifting of the weight!

When You understand, things are as they are. when you do not understand things are as they are.

Human kind is not capable of messing it up for the rest of creation. As humans, We are part Of nature .'Damned to hell' only by limited thoughts.

The mistaken idea of humanity being more 'intelligent' and capable than the rest of creation is a symptom of consciousness early in development. Similar to babies with wobbly legs- growing but not able to walk, YET.

"Hell" is not separate, but it is optional. .

A young child is endearing when imitating adult behavior. I think of God as the guardian to whom mankind reaches taking those first timorous steps learning to walk. Earth is our sacred nursery.

Lack of faith in these eternal arms catching our stumble is the essence of Hell. This understanding defuses judgement.Unconditional acceptance is Love.

Life is a gift! Part of the gift is the Vessel, Our bodies, through which we experience 'Life'. Life has needs; from quarrels to world wars are fought for them... Win or lose. Desires are destined to be fulfilled


Part of my life purpose is liberating trapped souls, turning them free of the self-made prisons. As I push my envelope it provides others liberty to stretch their wings too.

Today has been that kind of day-

You are my third encounter where these topics are the conversation's focus! I feel encouraged and am enriched by the privilege of such communication.

Thanks for BEING.

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