Resulting from a massive, expansive, nervous breakthrough...

Be known wearing formal evening clothes sharing finger foods and champagne on the Tallehatchi bridge.

Dance a tango in your laundromat! Wear loin cloth.


That which is repressed, resisted, withheld, hidden becomes seductive.

Are you seduced by value? Assign value to seduction?

ALWAYS commit to whatchulike, whateyelike, whatever, wherever, whomever, whenever.

Even activity illicit. wanton. taboo. U.C.L.A., F.D.A., D.E.A., N.R.A., C.I.A., unapproved !

D.N.A.- Do Not Abstain in mortal fear of ever-lasting HELL FIRE and DAMNATION.

NAKED Run pell mell through the poppyfield.

Throw Caution to the wind.

The sole force with strength to hold you captive is your own tortured mind!

Run. Run amok, Run for your life!

Today, every day, is the Last Day.

FEAR forges the bars of your cursed, cramped, damp subterranean cell.

FEAR alone fetters and binds the wild imaginative seeds germinating deep inside.

What? Why? Murder these innocent embryos bearing higher conscience?



Still waking, walking,

Divine rendered blind

Buried, still breathing, barely Alive!

Soul trapped, claws the casket-lining.

Frightened, Crying. Breathlessly dies.

The Muse putrefies.

A rhythmic pulse is poor proof of Life.

Now Tell me

Have you seen the Light?


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