Ahoy- Pirates!

Love American Style Rave Flyer This image comes from a page here at LJMichel.com.

A couple days ago I spotted an unusual rash of Google Search hits for the page. They specifically
targeted this scanned old rave flyer's image.
Here's part of my Stats page showing the number of references. Somebody has posted the image on a blog or Something. Somehow (I speculate) the Google image search results thumbnail image is being used on a webpage Somewhere. Stats Page
Why do you want this Rave Flyer? Pirates!
So I got the big idea to change the image to something else. I want to get their attention. I want to let them know Somebody is paying attention here. I felt curious, too. I wanted to figure out What, Where, and Why.

About half an hour later after posting this version I remembered a fun graphic I made of myself, The X Stream Queen, with a banner at my feet saying,

"Give Me Bandwidth or Give Me Death"
How perfect is that! Now the mysterious Cyber PIRATE will know I know What they are up to! I bet I'll surprise someone by being sneaky-tricky back! I feel like the mouse that roared! X Stream Queen: Give Me Bandwidth or Give Me DEATH

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