Fear and anxiety IS the challenge we face right now. Emotions such as fear and anger, held long enough, produce more pain, more fear, and more anxiety. This wreaks havoc, but a different perspective will quell this discomfort
Me folding 1000 paper cranes

There are very specific
things to do right now to create peace in our bodies, minds, and spirits. Each of us has the power, through our thoughts and emotions, to influence the energy of the planet in a way that helps prevent further
conflict and also creates peace.


{1} Use your thoughts wisely.
Understand their power

Thoughts manifest their physical equivalent; consciousness creates reality. The kind of consciousness you hold creates the kind of life you're living.
Me at the Beach
It's impossible to create peace and harmony if you're pushing up against a war. It's impossible to create peace and harmony if you're condemning George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, etc. You don't have to agree with them, but when you assume an "embattled" mentality you contribute to energy that creates war .

It's not possible to fight for peace! Fighting = war...
We are ALL Holy!
{2} To create peace,

Start within yourself. Do a personal disarmament.
Concentrate on what brings you peace.
Iggi Sleeping
Resist the urge to blame others for your lack of peace.
Remember, whatever you give attention expands. Change your thoughts and emotions to those associated with compassion and peace.
Love American Style Rave Invitation
Several times a day imagine a "virtual" reality of what peace would look and feel like...
...the economy is flourishing. George Bush is radiantly healthy; the governments of the free world are all cooperating to ensure global harmony and peace. Imagine the soldiers back home and reunited with their families.
Digital Composition by Leslie J Michel
Conjour mentally a world where everybody can travel freely with understanding and acceptance of each other's cultures.

When thinking about Iraq or North Korea, imagine the women and children. Send your LOVE and compassion to them.
Walter Keane
Don't think you can change the men of these countries. In fact, don't give them any thought- that energizes them.
Withdraw your energy so you'll no longer be "feeding" them.

Imagine the spiritual beings on the other side working to protect and uplift us.
Light Spirits on the Top of the Hill, Photo by Leslie Michel
They do their best work in an atmosphere of compassion. CondemnatioN
prevents them from connecting with the hearts of those who most need their inspiration and love.

Avoid watching the news and reading the newspapers. Turn off the talk radio station, too
View out My Office Window at Dawn

The media is designed to get you riled up, so that you remain tuned in!
Headlines are designed to seduce you to buy more papers & watch more TV. You get "hooked" on the news waiting for some official "guidance" that will keep you safe and secure.
Lasting safety and security come from the peace you create WITHIN YOURSELF.
Tune in to how you are feeling when you've severed the influence of mass media. This will give you the guidance you're seeking.

{5} Finally, BECOME
My I of the Storm
know that when you are tuned into your heart, your Inner Wisdom, and God, then your energy lightens up and your vibration literally changes. You become a BEACON OF LIGHT

"The rising tide lifts all boats. But it won't raise a stone."
Stop looking at and thinking about the stones. Join in raising the tide.

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M. K. Gandhi,

When in despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall."

*personal adaptation derived from text received via forwarded email sent by Dr Christine Northrup*

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