How to Post a Text Link on MySpace Using Mac OSX

Suppose you'd like to invite MySpace friends to see your Blog that's not on MySpace, show off a slideshow of photos you've set up at .Mac, or share any other special place you've found on the internet. To click on something, be magically transported, then land on the right page is sooo convenient! Typing (or copy and pasting) a web address of the page into your Message, Comment, in your Profile, etc does not make it into a clickable link. Here's how you make text links...

1) First thing you do is download this free groovy HTML Editor for OSX, Taco Html Editor and Install it.

A text link is above, where you click on the words "Taco Html Editor" to go to the Taco site. Text links are the simplest type. Open Safari or your favorite browser. Surf to the page you want the link to send your friends when they click it. Bookmark the page (if you haven't already)

In order to post a link on MySpace, you have to include some HTML code. This is where Taco comes in. Open Taco, under the "File" menu select "New".
Select all and delete all the text on the new page so it is totally blank

4) From Taco's "Insert" menu choose "Link". This box will appear:

Taco's Insert Link box

Where it says "Link Target" on top of this dialog box either copy and paste the URL from the browser page you want to share, or type it in. Caution! The link will be a DUD unless the typing is PERFECT! Broken links stink!

5) Next, where it says "Linked Content", select the "Text" button. In that space type in what words you want to be clickable.

6)  Then hit the "Insert" button. On the blank Taco page you will get this:

7) Copy and paste this code as it is into the place you want a link. To make this link open a new window (and not take over the MySpace window your message is being read from) here's a good trick.
After the first set of quotation marks
"info-inbetween-them", make one space then type this: target="_blank" Be sure the > symbol comes right after (no space!):

8) Copy and paste all of this fancier code exactly as you see it into the area on the MySpace page. Any other text you want to type in with the text link goes before or after this code & must not break up this bit of code (between the < and >) at all!

9) You will see and can test the new text link when previewing your bulletin, comment, etc. before it is officially posted.

Note! Anywhere you want to put a link, like your blog, or a comment, this code will work the same.

Leslie Michel ©2007 Surreal Escape