So you want to build a website...

I decided to make this little web page about building a web page because I get asked the question, "How did you learn how to build a website?", once a week or so. This page fills a need of mine: I can send a link instead of composing an email each time someone asks the question.

There- You just learned the first lesson. Before you make a web page, clarify what you want to share with the teaming masses of web surfing humanity on the internet.

If you are an industrious soul, and can apply yourself to learning new things with persistence and self disipline, there are zillions of resources on the web, excellent resources, to learn how to build a website.

Here are a few of my favorites...

WebMonkey has fun tutorials for kids and adults, and they are free. If the adult tutorials make you feel inept or crazy, the kiddie ones will help 'till you catch on. is a very cool thing! All examples of basic html to use as a reference and mess with, a sampler, like a box of whitman's chocolates:
There are SO many places to learn what you want to learn for free it is mind blowing!:
World of Design
I learned the stuff I do by just doing it! I started by using a cheap account and learned to customize the html for my weblog there. If you have a broadband ISP, you usually get some server space from them as part of your service package. Even without server space right away you can build whole websites on your hard drive to get your feet wet.
I look at the source code of every web page I like. Look at the source code of the simple page you are reading right now.
Thinking about web design is an activity in and of itself, these sites are a wellspring of conscious design trends and insight into current usability issues. It is great food for thought with the goal of forwarding mindful evolution of web design technique. The second link is particularly irreverent and fun.
Those links ought to get you going pretty well. Here are a few tutorials on the Library page to learn how to post images and links at MySpace. All you need to start software wise is a text editor.
Happy Coding Surreal Escape