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My Hydrangeas 2007

fuchsia slide show link here

My favorite fantasy flower... fuchsias

I love growing things so much it didn't matter if sneezed my way through Horticulture School at the University of Georgia's College of Agriculture... Ha! I t was easier to breathe in the Art Department with hay fever, with turpentine. My University days were spent crossing back and forth twixt the farthest ends of that hilly campus to pursue what I loved...and.I have been straddling these interests as long as I can recall!

The offerings here center upon those glorious members of my family that are green. I truly mean "family". Some of these plants have been with me for 20+ years. They lived with me in Athens Ga, they've moved to three different states. Currently "we" reside in Northern California- in greenhouses (one I built, the other the hubby constructed), in every room in our home, in rolling pots on the patio and deck, on well lit windowsills in ceramic pots and complimenting saucers, hanging in trees and. of course, planted in the ground.

I collect cacti, haworthias, euphorbias, various oddball succulents, sanseveria, some species of orchid, tuberous begonia, hanging and upright fuchsia, philodendron species, gesneriads, and many other plants too numerous to remember. If I walked around to each "micro climate" area carrying my Powerbook I know I would miss some important plant.

People ask me how many plants I own. I have never ever counted them! The total number is meaningless.Not only that, I do not "own" them. I am their guardian. A life is owned by the life form living the life! One life form can never OWN another.

The next query usually references the mythical "green thumb" thing; how do you get one and/or confessing ownership and frustration of a lethal, notorious "black thumb"...

Everyone potentially has a green thumb. What makes a black thumb is lack of sensitivity. The plant will "tell" you what it needs, that requires one to "listen". Stop attempting to "grow" the plant! The plant does the growing - the guardian's job is to give it what it needs to grow. The learning curve can thwart the budding (no pun intended) gardener.

"It looks good here" is how a planting site is chosen. Rather, determine where the plant will get what it needs- and choose that spot to plant. If certian types of plants are happy living with your style of guardianship- get more of them! The success rate soars and the Thumb gets Greener and greener.

Enjoy these slideshows and know more are on the way!

the begonia movie


Garden shots by Bob of the beautiful 2006 garden in May!

Bob has been the garden photographer of the Year! Here's a Quicktime Slideshow of Photos taken the last week of May... Link

Educate yourself! POISON OAK is avoidable- learn to recognize it

An overview slideshow of sights in my wild northern california garden

-A mixture of things I've photographed over the years from the garden

a Spectacular sunrise  in August photographed in the garden

One morning in August the sun came up and BOY! was it big and yellow-gold...