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Size: 100 KB
Ivy Leagues of the Rainforest
Size: 569 KB
Green Leaf
Size: 472 KB
Blue Iris
Size: 410 KB
Mystic futuristic abstract landscape on a microscopic level- soft grays and easy on the eyes

NEW!!! Intricate soothing organic pattern of leafy green and warm bark brown. Light through a Green Leaf Luminous. My favorite a lot A Beautiful Blue Bearded Iris from my garden, a macro view of its throat!
Orange Leaf
Size: 37 KB
Canna Lily Leaves
Size: 4.3 MB
Black & White
Size: 349 KB
Cat in the Window
Size: 135 KB
Early morning sunbeams penetrate Strelitzia leaf with some shadow...

Layers of a Canna Leaf from my garden Light Shining through a window to illuminate... I passed a house walking home from a party- & saw this cool cat!
Dolly Desk
Size: 645 KB
Shadow Fingers
Size: 98 KB
Cirrus in the Sky
Size: 5.5 MB
Blue Dawm
Size: 190 KB 
subtle gray silouette- what you see across room is not what you see up close- Mysterious

Strelitzia Leaf and morning sun brighten your day. Cirrus Cloud in the sky Yummy. Dawn's early light as seen from my home office window
Orange Yellow Abstract
Size: 454 KB
Convoluted Rainbow
Size: 390 KB
Green Textures
Size: 831 KB
Sunny colors, liquidy abstract Carnival colors melted tiedye swirl of dreams DREAMY

complex textural moody and soothing greens...  
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