Iggi looking like a million bucks


Last weekend Bob called to Me from Outside the kitchen door -"honey! check this out!"

Our two year old orange and white manx cat, the youngest Pet of the House, was engaged in some Curious Activity in the bay tree.

Not easily drawn away from artwork-in-progress, I resisted. My neighbor-next-door, Sue, was out there smoking, and she said, " Look - they're playing !" That got me. "Playing with What?"

I got Up, walked outside, and there he was. Little Iggi the Kitty Diplomat frolicking freely in the branches with two young squirrels.

I have Seen Iggi playing with Other cats, the dog, multiple toys and Bob's feet. This was different- a first! I could hardly believe my eyes, This was a well rehearsed circus act!

These squirrels were not trying to escape. They weren't acting afraid. Instead they were goofing around and baiting the cat; even running right under Iggi's nose with their big fluffy tails.

So many times Iggi could have captured the squirrels but did not! They all three were tumbling and leaping through branches and Leaves with harrowing near misses. Landing on safe ground Only to Run up and taunt each Other again. A multi species tag game complete with jeers and hiding ! I couldn't watch anymore-too scary! so inside I go.

Iggi finally came in the house and collapsed into his bed on my drawing table Falling fast asleep

Next day I Let him out after his breakfast. He walked out to the bay tree and looked up for his friends. They were not there. So Iggi waited a while longer, just watching for them before moving on to whatever Kitty Things he does in the morning.
The same thing happened later the following day -This time the squirrels came Looking for Iggi! I was watering the fuchsias I keep hanging in the bay tree and there they were - chattering and hanging out looking for their friend.

Several More episodes of the squirrel and cat tag game Occurred - usually in the Late afternoon. Once the squirrels Were raving to go, but Iggi had just Woke Up.

It takes him a long time to awake, just stares into space all bleary eyed for ages.- The squirrels were throwing things to get him going. even running past him on the ground - but Iggi just wanted to Meditate. Bored, they finally went home.

This afternoon I was napping. Something woke me up... It had started to rain. I heard it dripping on the patio , then I remembered the things I put out to air earlier. I Scrambled to my feet- put a pair of Bob's shoes on at the kitchen door, and went for the cushions and such.

I noticed that the guest house door was open. "Oh that figures"
There had been a house-guest the night before. "He must have left the door ajar...".

I walked down the garden path to close the door (really more like Stumbled since I was wearing birkenstocks way way too huge for my feet), The ` 'playhouse' is Just past the recently re - landscaped wading pool area. The wading pool had been empty, but it rained the other day.

I looked in horror! There was something IN the rainwater-
Something dead . Floating .
"OH NO ! one of the squirrels !"
He had fallen in, and the sides were too steep to climb out. "This just happened today!"
I burst out in tears .- As I Made my way back to the Shed to fetch a shovel, the tears built into sobs. Poor Scrappy dog, he just Looked at me as if to wonder," What's wrong mom? It's raining! Are we going inside now?"

Back out in the more voluminous rain, crying, still in the oversized Birkys and now with the shovel, I got the poor squirrel Out of the water, Carried him to an area where there was room to dig - and buried him.

"I wonder..." now inside, thinking, looking out at the rain, "if the Other squirrel will still play tag with Iggi ?"

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