Video Binge

  The last couple months I have been dealing with a medical issue that had me in ICU at our local hospital for a week. While I've been hanging around home I have been messing around with my Apple iSight camera- not to do video chat with other people, but to capture images in motion. These images are being arranged, layered, distorted, and variously used to make these compositions.

There are video clips captured by my husband, Bob, included. Another source of imagery is that captured from my internet network camera that is placed around the house; in the last few weeks in Bob's "Den of Iniquity" where the live music happens .

Some of the videos were designed as a message for a specific person, others are from my active imagination for no one in particular at all. Some of the videos have sound, others are silent.

There is one video I got Bob to jam live for the sound track- something I plan to do more of. I have a digital projector that has played an important part in producing these moviettes. I project the video while focusing the iSight on the screen, while creating shadows and other movement in reference to its content.

All in all, there are many experiments included in this group of recent movies. On the left hand side of this page is a menu that refers to the moviettes merely as numbers. Give them a try!

Some of them are larger than others- so if your connection to the internet is sluggish be patient. They are all configured to play before they completely download. Your waiting time should not be too long.

Software used to capture video has been a mixture: Evocam, Quicktime Pro 7, my Fuji digital camera, Bob's Kodak digital camera, and I am surely forgetting something else...

Editing has been in GoLive 6, Quicktime Pro 7 for the most part. Adobe Image Ready for animation, some clips were processed in Flash MX.

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