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~ I Never Lost MY Marbles ~

I wouldn't play the marble game with mine. I never wanted to lose them. I just loved looking at them. I used to stage marble beauty contests. My favorite, marble 2, always won, of course! Some groups of similar marbles I gave names. I can't remember which ones I thought were ugly, but there were a few. I would never ever give those marbles up either. ALL were sacred. They still are.

I got these marbles from my neighbor, Georgie Poor, when I was really little. I remember the sunny day he gave them to me in a coffee can when he started High School or driving or dating girls or something. We were standing under the cherry tree in my front yard. Mom said I could keep them.

Georgie went to Vietnam, got killed and came home in a box.

The night I was inspired to document these precious marbles, I thanked Georgie out loud for his meaningful gift, as Scrappy checked his pee-mail on our last-of-the-night dog walk. I felt as if Georgie Poor was walking with us.

Each marble has three "poses" animated into a looping Quicktime Movie. Using multiple images is the best approach I could devise to share what it's like holding the marble between your thumb and forefinger, up to the light- revealing the little round glass world.

So beautiful!

marbles scattered