littleone himself

Dear Tinkerbell,

I just wanted to write you while I had the chance...

I saw your beautiful photo at the drooling website when my person was downloading an application to experiment with.

I am a 'cat with life experience', too. I am 18 years old, and the star at my house-

I have all our visitors convinced I love only them the best because I meet and greet each one individually.

I treat them to my 'self-petting cat' routine, which involves little or no effort on their part, yet I work myself up to a purring lather punctuated by a vociferous wet sneeze!

The sneeze derails some-but the rest think it's cute
My days as a family man are over, but I enjoy the company of younger cats, and spend much time with kittens if they are available.

Here is my adopted son IGGI, whom I raised since he was 6 weeks old. He, like me, is a manx. Here he's a 2 year old teenager...

Here is my desk and powerbook... I like to hang out on the keyboard, because it is warm.

Sometimes the powerbook does odd things when I step on particular key combinations...
This does not please the home network administrator, who is my person, so she found a heating pad and set it up for me on her drawing table! I lounge on it instead of the powerbook.

I have never been a lap cat, the heating pad works great for me. (I started life as a tough feral poterero hill gang cat- and made the move to marin county at the age of 5 with two of my young kittens from another marriage)

If you are ever touring marin I'd love to show you around. Good hunting in these parts!

Know that I find you ravishing and am showering you with affection and fresh game from afar. Groovy website you have, too.

May all the laps you need sit still enough to sleep upon and PEACE BE WITH YOU!!!

Most Sincerely,


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