Fire Hydrant Fountian
A few years back a car ran over a fire hydrant on the bottom of our hill. One of our neighbors had just seen it happen driving home. He told Bob and I what was going on.   Bob grabbed his camera and our posse scampered the 4+ blocks down to see the spectacle.

In front of the Davidson Middle School, on the corner of Lindaro Street and Woodland Avenue, the drainage wasn't too good. There was water covering the intersection. 

The Fire Dept. had arrived- one of them wearing a red thing on top and dark pants. He jumped into the fountain spewing a spurt 2 stories tall armed with a tool for turning the hydrant off. By the time he did there was water ankle deep everywhere.

Bob managed to get 3 pictures of the water spewing up. You can sort of see the Fireman turning off the hydrant. I made an animation out of those 3 photos...

And one other photo.
I was in the San Francisco County Fair's Fog Calling contest one year. To win, contestants were enouraged to make a fog costume, as well as sound the most like a real foghorn with your own voice. When you signed up to be in the contest the fair sent you a foghorn tape to practice. I found the picture recently looking through my Big Big photograph box. I showed it to Bob

Last night, after showing him the Hydrant animation (sans me) he suggested including my fog costume picture in the animation.
GREAT IDEA- Thanks Bob!
Be aware- in this strange surreal & obscene photo animation
2 frames out of 5, the ones with the microphone stand, are ME.

Laugh Hard!

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