Dana Downs
@ Leslie & Bob's House

We had such a good time! Dana and Ella Grace met our friends Sue Dey (who cooked our fabulous dinner!), Jack Nelisse, Natalie Martel, Michael Tekeli, Bob Roehm, Marsha Meyers, Annette Flowers, and other friends in the 'hood.
A field trip downtown to E Guitars, a sort of Mecca /Museum where you're allowed to play with the $18,000 Martin and Gibson guitars happened, too!
Later in the evening after supper a Jam session fell together in our notorious "Den of Iniquity". I recorded it. I loved it when while taking a break outside they were singing to Bob's ukulele playing "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". At the end of this glorious visit Annette and I brought Dana and Ella back to their hotel in San Francisco.
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