The Chocolate Easter Spider

On Easter my husband found this very large wolf spider in my watering can. Unfortunately it had drowned :(
When it was wet it looked like a chocolate flower shaped candy. The legs were folded uniformly inward under its body.

An Easter visiting friend put the spider on a paper napkin before dinner action started. He moved the spider off the drainboard in the kitchen to a windowsill nearby. He rearranged the spider legs back to their living position. How COOL!

Overnight it dried out- revealing markings invisible when wet. The next day's surprise: I found it. I had NO IDEA...

I thought it was alive. It didn't run off when I picked the napkin up. The normally frisky Wolf spider was really dead.

But an opportunity revealed itself; I could photograph the spider from many angles! This deceased spider held court on the living room coffee table for a week! Everybody had something to say about the huge spider on the paper napkin...

I "released" it back to the yard today. I made this little animation. I sure wish it hadn't fallen into my watering can, but this spider is a rock star now!

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